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Copper Cylinders

picture of copper cylinder that we recycle

A Copper tank can be worth up to £70 each depending on size 

Copper Cable

example of Copper cable recycling in cheshire

There are various grades of cable which all have their own value, at WMR we ensure you get the best price for each grade of cable. Call0151 424 7655for more info

Copper piping

picture of scrap copper piping for recycling

There are a few different grades of copper piping, our staff on site will help ypu sort your piping helping you get the most money for your metal


image of scrap lead  that we recycle

Always holds a good price and ours is guaranteed to be the best.

Bright Wire

picture of bright copper wire that we recycle

This is one of our highest priced and most sought after metals



picture of brass that we recycle

There are many different things made from brass, it is a valuable metal, and nearly every has some lying around in there house. With prices over £2.50/kg its wellworth bringing down to our depot 

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